One-Click Data Pipelines: 2 hour Briefing

Emumba, US

Discover how to harness the power of cloud analytics engines by migrating and enriching datasets to the cloud.

Do you need to migrate data from disparate sources, enrich them with yours or 3rd-party data, into the cloud and use the power of the Azure Data Platform (ADF, Synapse, PowerBI, EventHub) for modeling, forecasting, and Big Data Analytics?

If so, this briefing is the perfect place to start your journey. We will help you break down the problem and understand how you can leverage the power of the Azure Data Factory to bring together your proprietary data with third party licensed datasets to build data pipelines and drive powerful business insights.

Are you afraid that this journey can take very long, and could have huge cost implications in rolling out? Allow us to demonstrate the benefits of Azure Landing Zones. Azure Landing Zones will not only significantly reduce your time to deployment, but will also enable your applications to be highly scalable and modular.

*** Agenda ***

In the first 90 mins of the briefing, we will be addressing the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Azure Data Pipelines
  2. Introduction to Azure Landing Zones/one-click deployment
  3. How one-click deployment can make migration a snap
  4. Use cases of Azure Landing Zones for Azure Data Factory

After a brief presentation, we will show you a demonstration of data pipelines and landing zones!

In the last 30 mins, we want to hear from you! We would like you to ask questions and discuss how your business can benefit from Azure Data Pipelines and Azure Landing Zones. We will have our experts understand your existing environment and business needs to guide you better on to your next step.

*** Deliverable ***

  • Basic understanding of the functional and technical benefits of Azure Data Pipelines and Azure Landing Zones.