Azure Data Pipelines: 3-days Assessment

Emumba, US

Let us show you how Azure Data Platform can rapidly convert your data into gold!

In our digitized world, both data and data sources are growing exponentially. We know that data is gold; however, driving business value from these is a struggle for most companies. This struggle arises from several aspects: the canonical variability, velocity, and volume of Big Data; but also the inability to provision and maintain the infrastructure required to ingest, manipulate, and visualize this “Big Data”.

Are you uncertain if data pipelines are the right solution for your business? In this free assessment, our business and technical experts will understand your business requirements and pain points. We will help you break down the problem and understand how you can leverage the power of the Azure Data Platform to build data pipelines and drive powerful business insights.

At the end of our engagement, we will share a Technical Proposal with you which will address how your organization data can be ingested, transformed and stored in an enterprise-quality data analytics platform that will enable you to perform analytics, build predictive AI/ML algorithms and use them to make better business decisions --- all at the scalable cost model that is intrinsic to Azure Data Platform.


The engagement will be divided into 2 phases, spanning over a period 3 days (8 hours per day).

Phase 1: Discovery & Goals

In this phase, our business and technical experts will engage with you to understand your business pain points, explore available organizational data, and how it can be leveraged to give you the insights you are seeking.

Phase 2: Assessment

In the next phase, our Solution Architects will work on curating a customized solution that can convert your raw organizational data into useful technical and business insights.


A detailed technical proposal covering the following topics:

  • Infrastructure diagram
  • Data pipeline flow design
  • Azure pricing estimate