Developer Velocity 4-week Assessment


Empowering your development teams with the right methods, processes and technologies.

Innovation drives growth, productivity and results. But to bring innovation into your processes, you need to implement the best practices in term of methods, people, and technologies.


  • FINANCIAL: Investments in DevOps that do not pay off are more frequent than you think.
  • VELOCITY: Troubles to launch new service or product quickly and efficiently.
  • EVOLUTION: Difficulty to bring innovation to business legacy applications.
  • MANAGEMENT: Lead time, implementation, failure rate and recovery time… As many issue to be addressed quickly and efficiently.

With this assessment*, your development teams will be able to get guidance from our experts to effectively introduce an agile approach to software development that drives successful results. Best practices, accelerating delivery, ensuring highest quality, managing efficiently, implementing a culture of testing,... All this compiled in our Doberman Audit Report with recommendations to help you make informed decisions.

PHASE 1 – Assessment Scope/Evaluation - Product (Week 1)

  • TECHNOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURE – Get an evaluation of your current technological infrastructure.
  • LOGICAL ARCHITECTURE – Get an evaluation of your current organization of data flow.
  • PIPELINE (CI/CD) – Determine how performant is your infrastructure automation for provisioning and application release process.
  • QUALITY OF CODE – Your source code will be evaluated based on several important criterias.

PHASE 2 – Assessment Scope/Evaluation – People & Process (Week 2)

  • TEAM COLLABORATION – Get an insight on how performant is the communication and collaboration between your teams.
  • DELIVERY PROCESS – Get a review of your current delivery process and how efficient it is.
  • QUALITY PROCESS – Get an evaluation of your current quality process and how effective it is.

PHASE 3 – Assessment Scope/Compilation (Week 3)

  • ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS – Following the assessment, we’ll analyse your different software development aspects based on the 3Ps of DevSecOps - Product, People, Process.
  • COMPILATION OF RESULTS – Get a compilation of the results from our analysis by our Azure Cloud experts team and our business continuity specialists.
  • CREATION OF THE AUDIT REPORT – Our team will generate our Doberman Audit Report that will compile our analysis results.
  • HIGH LEVEL RECOMMENDATIONS – Our team will give you its high level recommendations in terms of software development improvements and best practices to implement.

PHASE 4 – Assessment Scope/Artifacts (Week 4)

  • DEVOPS ROADMAP – Get a DevOps Roadmap from our cloud experts to implement a culture of continuous improvement governance.
  • BACKLOG DELIVERY – We will prepare your Azure DevOps environment and set up a backlog based on our recommendations.
  • RE-ASSESSMENT PLANNING – After implementing our best practices, we will make a re-assessment of your Doberman Audit Report in order to compare the level of progression.

*Disclaimer: This offer is subject to certain conditions of qualification