Cloud Engineering: 90-Min Workshop

Encora Holdings, LLC

Encora's workshop will help migrate your on-prem infrastructure to Azure or optimize your existing cloud infrastructure & solutions.

We have extensive expertise in migrating legacy on-prem applications & products to Azure. Encora's experience includes end-to-end ownership of migrating high volume, high visibility SaaS products to cloud.


  • Discover: Evaluate the existing ecosystem that needs to be moved to cloud and document the current state along with the dependencies & service level qualities

  • Strategize: Debrief on the various migration strategies [Rehost/Lift & Shift (IaaS) vs Replatform (PaaS) vs Reengineer (Cloudify vs Cloud Native)] and finalize on the migration strategy

  • Cloud Cost Modelling: Refine cloud architecture, if needed for better ROI

  • Validate & Refine: Prepare Azure landing zone & identify components that are to be reengineered for cloud i.e., the components that requires Proof of Concept (PoC).

  • Plan: Identify risks & prepare proper mitigation plans. Establish governance & communication cadence.

  • Reengineer: Refine existing solutions to be cloud ready. Ensure that the DevSecOPS tool chain is recalibrated to deliver code to cloud.

  • Migrate: Script the entire cloud infrastructure (IaC) and start migrating workloads as per the plan.

  • Financial Optimization (FinOps): Right-size the cloud infrastructure and take control of your cloud costs.

Post-Workshop Deliverables

  • Cloud blueprint that addresses the target state & identify PoC’s (Proof of Concepts) that needs to be implemented to validate the proposed architecture.

  • Bill of materials with the detailed inventory of cloud components and the anticipated monthly cloud cost

  • Detailed execution plan with the proper migration sequence