Introduction to Code-Free ETL Workshop

Encora Holdings, LLC

Discover the power of code-free ETL in Microsoft Azure and equip yourself with the knowledge to migrate your on-premises ETL infrastructure to a seamless and efficient Azure-native environment.​

Modernizing legacy ETL infrastructure to a code-free cloud native ETL solution Building code-free ETL solutions in Azure facilitates scalability and flexibility, streamlined data integration and transformation, improved data quality and consistency, reduced infrastructure costs, and faster time-to-insights.

Primary Challenges The traditional on-prem ETL infrastructure poses challenges such as limited scalability, high infrastructure costs, complex maintenance and upgrades, longer development cycles, and difficulties in accommodating changing business needs and data volumes.

Ideal Solution Code-free ETL helps in designing and executing ETL workflows with minimal/no custom code. Azure services like Data Factory, Mapping Data Flows, and Azure Databricks provide visual interfaces and pre-built connectors, simplifying ETL development, reducing effort, and allowing focus on data modelling and transformation.

Desired Outcomes Desired outcomes includes streamlined data integration and transformation, increased agility and scalability, reduced development and maintenance effort, improved data quality and consistency, and faster time-to-insights for better decision-making and business value.

Help migrating your on-prem ETL applications to Azure Extensive expertise in migrating legacy on-prem ETL applications to Azure. Experience includes end to end ownership of migrating high volume, high visibility ETL applications to cloud.

Discovery • Review current ETL architecture • Assess data volumes and integration complexity • Understand performance and latency requirements

Design & Transform • Explore Azure Data Factory, Mapping Data Flows, Azure Databricks, and other relevant tools • Design ETL workflows using code-free techniques in Azure • Apply data transformations and explore advanced features for complex data processing

Migrate & Optimize • Prepare a detailed migration plan for transitioning the on-premise ETL infrastructure to an Azure-native code-free environment • Migrate workloads as per the plan. Right size the cloud infrastructure and help you take control of your cloud costs.

Encora Inc, Cloud Engineering, and Azure Encora helps customers to harness the power of Azure to drive innovation and business impact. We strive to maximize value through custom & differentiated solutions. Extensive experience in migrating/reengineering large-scale legacy ETL applications to cloud native architecture.

Cloud Native Development Accelerating innovation cycles powered by Azure cloud. Develop cloud-native applications with inherent application mobility.

Product Reengineering Reengineer legacy codebase and enable them to be cloud ready. Utilize low code platforms to accelerate innovation, minimize development risks.

DevSecOps Enablement Deployment of end-to-end integrated Azure Dev Ops platform with best-in-class components. Integration of security, compliance into DevSecOps.