Azure API Management - 1-Week Proof of Concept


Expand market reach, foster innovation, enable bimodal IT, and lower the cost of integration with endjin's API Economy Platform Blueprint.

APIs are at the core of Digital Transformation – enabling the information flow throughout the digital feedback loop between customers and products. From consumer devices, to the cloud, to the enterprise data center, and at all points in-between, APIs are an essential underpinning of our modern digital world.

For many organizations, APIs are now a critical component of solutions that impact the operational bottom line. This positive effect on an organizations profitability from APIs is known as The API Economy.

The API Economy Platform Blueprint takes away the risk and steep learning curve of bringing an API based proposition to market, allowing you to focus on building enterprise grade API solutions.

With built in support and fully functioning examples for .NET and R APIs, the blueprint provides clear guidance for implementing specific workload scenarios so new features can be integrated rapidly and consistently.


  • 1 Day API Economy Workshop: We start with a deep-dive API Economy workshop to kick-start initiative and define subsequent strategy, policy & architecture and PoC user stories.
  • API Policy Documentation: Internal strategy and governance documentation following workshop. Expected to cover: Security & Encryption; Monitoring & Support; Metering & Billing; SLAs; KPIs for success; Cost Management; Versioning; Developer Documentation; SDKs /Package Management; Release Management & Multi Environments.
  • Model as a Service Proof of Concept: Proof of Concept based on endjin's API Reference Blueprint Architecture, as defined by the initial workshop, targeted at deploying R and/or C# models into API reference architecture.