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Insight Discovery - 1wk Proof of Concept


Identify opportunities to extract important business insights through analytic processes, and implement a dashboard, API, or other PoC illustrating their value

Microsoft offers numerous technologies capable of performing advanced analytics, such as Azure Analysis Services, Stream Analytics, or Power BI. These can provide vital insights, but it can be a challenge to identify the best processes to apply.

Endjin's provides an iterative Insight Discovery process designed to draw the focus onto the right information. We start by reviewing your existing reporting and business intelligence outputs, and establishing the defining business metrics. We work with you to determine the key audiences, and the decisions that they need to make to identify the data required to support those decisions. We then propose a series of data experiments and candidate metrics, and build a proof of concept based around the most promising of these.

Agenda and Deliverables

  • Introduction and Planning: we start with a 2-3 hour introductory meeting in which we establish the goals of the engagement. In particular we identify the audiences for the results of the analytics, and the kinds of decisions that will be supported by the generated insights
  • Discovery: the introduction session will have established the broad areas of information that will be required to complete the engagement, so we follow up with a collaborative discovery process to understand existing processes, and available data
  • Experiment Definition: we propose a series of experiments that will establish whether the available data sources can yield information valuable information that can support the decisions the target audiences need to make; we will work with client to decide which particular experiments to execute in this engagement
  • Build Proof of Concept: we build an application (e.g., a dashboard, or an API) based around the analytic processes identified in the previous step