Data Mart-As-A-Service: Analytics DevOps Implement

Enfo Sweden

A scalable and fully-hosted Azure Data Warehouse at a fixed monthly subscription for a DevOps-team

For most, it’s not easy to build something simple. Data Mart as a Service does exactly that – it makes your cloud Analytics journey simple, secure and efficient. • Simplicity of a fully hosted SaaS • Move from on-prem to cloud • Scale from POC to EDW when need arises • From Qlik to EDW in months • From nothing to a full-blown Analytics platform in weeks • Create a POC to try out new tech or Enfo as a new supplier

We make sure that your Analytics platform is constantly delivering business value. • Get your data working for you in only 4 weeks! • An Azure hosted end-to-end Analytics platform • A subscription based Analytics platform & devOps team • Business value 3-5 times faster with strict cost control and minimal overhead

Data Mart as a Service enables the full potential of a data driven organization by: Simplifying • A fully hosted Analytics platform • PowerBI-reports out of the box • Start small, scale when needed

Cloud native • Uses the breadth and depth of Microsoft Azure services • Agility and speed of deploying cloud resources • Automation component builds native Microsoft Azure Data Factory jobs

Time-to-market • Removes the obstacles of technology platforms Measurable Success or Statistics • Automation component allow up to 70%reduction of development time • Enables business to focus of how to use the data, instead of finding it, assessing it and onboarding it

This is a fixed price, subscription based, Enterprise DWH DevOps team offer. This means that the duration is variable based on the subscribed number of months. The offer can be scaled from a hosted environment with automation tools, where the customer develop the code, to a fully managed service with a dedicated DevOps team and Azure hosted resources and AM-service.