Machine Learning Kick-Start: 3-Day POC


Enfo's Machine Learning Kick-Start is a service that aims to demonstrate the potential of machine learning by transforming your data to actionable insights using Azure ML Studio.

Machine Learning Kick-Start is an easily approachable service that is suitable for all organizations across all sizes and industries that are looking for a jump start to their machine learning journey. The aim of the service is to utilize machine learning to transform your data to actionable insights. Whether it’s predicting churning customers, creating product recommendations or something completely different, Enfo’s consultants can help you to extract meaningful insights from your data.​ By the end of the project you will get the insights extracted from your data and an overview of how Azure Machine Learning Studio can be used to rapidly build and deploy machine learning models on your data.


Step 1: Define the objective

  • Define the objective and the scope for the project together with the customer
  • Explore the available data

Step 2: Develop the model in Azure ML Studio

  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Preprocess the data
  • Train and test the model

Step 3: Feedback & next steps

  • Present the model and its results to the customer
  • Feedback & discussion


  • insights from the machine learning model
  • Understanding of the potential of machine learning
  • Overview of Azure ML Studio