Azure Purview Data Governance 3-Days Briefing


Azure Purview Data Governance Kick-start gets you started with Azure Purview data catalog including data scanning, glossary and data lineage.

Enfo’s Purview kick-start is an easily approachable service to demonstrate the potential of Purview data catalog by scanning your metadata into data glossary or visualizing data lineage from Power BI dashboard to data source.


Day 1: Definitions

  • Defining the objective and the scope for the project​
  • Understanding your data governance and business goals​
  • Getting to know the data available for data mapping

Day 2: Starting trial period

  • Data scanning using Azure Purview​
  • Data Glossary Review in Azure Purview​
  • Data Lineage Review ​in Azure Purview
  • Data Governance best-practices using Azure Purview

Day 3: Feedback & next steps

  • Feedback and user experience evaluation
  • Discover new possibilities


  • By the end of the project, you will get a data map built on your data and an overview of the potential of Azure Purview to your organization