Text Classification Engine: 2-Hr Evaluation Briefi


Learn about Text Classification Engine, which is a custom service in Azure,for analyzing and classifying incoming free text requests based on the actual text content.

Enfo's Text Classification Engine is a customized service in Azure, which analyses incoming free text requests (e.g. emails, feedback forms, product/service inquiries or incidents), and classifies them based on the text content. The classified requests may be then processed automatically or forwarded to an appropriate person for manual processing. This service is useful for any businesses, which receive significant number of requests, and is looking for reducing the needed labour in processing of the requests.

The classifier is built using Azure Machine Learning Studio and deployed as a REST API so you can easily integrate the classifier to other applications and RPA solutions.​

The workshop

  • During this evaluation workshop we take a look into customer’s current request processing and evaluate potential benefits from automatic classification.


  • As a deliverable the customer receives evaluation findings report where discovered potential benefits are listed with a suggested plan of classification engine implementation if appropriate.
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