Monitoring integration business activity using Enkay PRO.


*Monitor integration solutions built using Microsoft Azure platform for B2B, EDI/AS2, API or other integrations, improving return on investment. *

We offer Enkay PRO software-as-a-service (SaaS) as a monthly subscription-based service to Azure developers building integration solutions for their customers using Azure Logic Apps. Enkay PRO portal can be used by their customers to continuously monitor their mission critical business workflows, helping reduce down-time and improving return on investment in Azure. With improved visibility to their data, Enkay PRO can help their customers get started quickly on Azure and over time, extend their use of Azure as their business grows and they chose to more integrations implemented on Azure, thereby increasing revenue for developers and increasing Azure consumption at the same time. As part of setup, we provide guidance to developers on how to enable telemetry within Logic Apps so that data shows up on the portal. In addition to monitoring their B2B, EDI/AS2 and API integrations, Enkay PRO can monitor their customers' Azure infrastructure and applications health, including database health.

Enkay PRO is hosted on EnkayTech's Azure subscription and requires at least one day to setup and configure the tool. Connection to your customers Azure subscription will also be required to allow data to be displayed on the portal. Monthly subscription cost could increase depending on the number of integrations hosted on your customers Azure subscription and data volume. Cost includes a one-time setup fee of $2500 and a monthly subscription fee of $250 per user. Subscription can be cancelled at any time, but the setup fee is non-refundable.