Monitor & manage your integration business activity on Azure using Enkay Pro


With Enkay PRO, customers gain enhanced visibility into their data, allowing them to quickly get started on Azure and expand their usage as their business grows.

Enkay PRO is a SaaS solution that enables Azure developers to monitor integration solutions built on the Microsoft Azure platform, including B2B, EDI/AS2, API, and other types of integrations. By subscribing to Enkay PRO, developers can provide their customers with continuous monitoring of their critical business workflows, leading to reduced downtime and improved return on investment in Azure.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of Enkay PRO

  • Subscribing to Enkay PRO allows developers to offer continuous monitoring of critical business workflows to their customers. This leads to reduced downtime and improved return on investment in Azure.

  • Customers gain enhanced visibility into their data, enabling them to quickly start using Azure and expand their usage as their business grows. This, in turn, increases revenue for developers and drives higher Azure consumption.

  • The Enkay PRO portal acts as a central hub for monitoring integration activity and provides valuable insights to both developers and customers.

  • During the setup process, Enkaytech provides guidance to developers on enabling telemetry within Azure Logic Apps. This ensures that data is seamlessly displayed on the Enkay PRO portal.

  • Enkay PRO goes beyond monitoring B2B, EDI/AS2, and API integrations. It also allows access to EDI, XML, or CSV files used in integrations, including the ability to resubmit failed files/messages.

  • Enkay PRO is hosted on Enkaytech's Azure subscription and can be set up and configured within a single day.

  • To display data on the Enkay PRO portal, a connection to the customer's Azure subscription is required.

*The monthly subscription cost of Enkay PRO varies based on the number of integrations hosted and the data volume in the customer's Azure subscription.

  • Pricing for Enkay PRO involves an initial setup fee of $2500, followed by a monthly charge of $50 per integration. The subscription supports up to five users.

  • Enkay PRO empowers Azure developers and their customers to proactively monitor and optimize their integration solutions, driving business success on the Azure platform.

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