Azure Integration Services - 1 Day Bootcamp


*We will provide a quick overview of the platform's capabilities & features, how they work together to create efficient integration solutions, and to build scalable and robust integration solutions *

Introduction to Azure Integration Services

  • Overview of integration concepts and challenges
  • Introduction to Azure Integration Services and its key components
  • Azure Logic Apps

Understanding the concept of Logic Apps

  • Building a simple Logic App workflow
  • Connecting to different connectors and services
  • Azure Service Bus

Overview of messaging patterns and scenarios

  • Creating queues and topics in Azure Service Bus
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Azure API Management

Introduction to API management and its benefits

  • Creating and managing APIs using Azure API Management
  • Securing and monitoring APIs

Azure Event Grid

  • Understanding event-driven architecture
  • Configuring event sources and event handlers
  • Publishing and consuming events using Azure Event Grid

Azure Functions

  • Introduction to serverless computing
  • Creating and deploying Azure Functions
  • Triggering functions and integrating with other services

Integration Patterns and Best Practices

  • Exploring common integration patterns
  • Designing reliable and scalable integration solutions
  • Implementing error handling and retries

Hands-on Labs and Demos

  • Guided hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts
  • Demonstrations of real-world integration scenarios

Q&A and Wrap-up

  • Answering participant questions
  • Summarizing the key takeaways and next steps


  • Code samples including hands-on labs

Please note that this outline is a general guideline, and the actual content and depth of the boot camp may vary based on the specific needs and goals of the participants. It is recommended to adapt the agenda and includes additional relevant topics or services as required. Additionally, providing access to Azure subscriptions or offering hands-on labs with pre-configured environments can enhance the learning experience.

  • If EnkayTech is engaged to implement an Azure integration project, the Bootcamp cost will be applied as credit.