Azure Integration Services - 1 Day Bootcamp


Architecture design workshop that will cover Microsoft Azure, BizTalk, API Management, Service Bus, Event Grid, Logic Apps, Azure Data Factory to solve application and data integration requirements.

EnkayTech – Architecture Design Workshop

If you’re interested in connecting IOT devices to back-end data bases (e.g. Kusto or PostgreSQL), or integrating applications from cloud to on premises or vice versa, or doing sentiment analysis on Twitter feeds associated with your new marketing campaign, this one-day bootcamp will go over your use case and show you how you can use Azure to implement a solution. The benefits of moving to Azure include a subscription based, “pay for what you use” model but most importantly, you get high availability and geographic fail over provided by Microsoft with SLAs of 99.9%.

EnkayTech will introduce you to Azure Integration Services Engine (ISE). Logic Apps, Event Hubs, Event Grid, Service Bus, and how you can use Visual Studio for developing Logic Apps and Azure DevOps to deploy your solution to the cloud or run it on premises. We will also do a demo of some of these technologies and provide sample code.

The engagement will include meetings with IT stakeholders as well product owners.

##Agenda## DAY 1 - Requirements analysis and business process discovery, Azure Integration Services, Visual Studio, Logic Apps DAY 2 - Proposal for Enkay to implement the solution on Azure


  • Logic Apps code samples
  • Proposal with preliminary cost estimates for implementing the solution on Azure