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BizTalk to Azure Migration Assessment - 2 Day


Migrating BizTalk workloads to Azure Integration Services - 2 Day Assessment.

EnkayTech – Azure Migration

If you’re interested in moving your BizTalk applications to Azure Integration Services running in the cloud, our two day assessment will provide you with detailed guidance on how you can accomplish this. The benefits of moving to Azure include a subscription based, “pay for what you use” model but most importantly, you get high availability and geographic fail over provided by Microsoft with SLAs of 99.9%.

EnkayTech will introduce you to Azure Integration Services Engine (ISE) and will take some of your BizTalk artifacts and run them within ISE. We will also provide you with a roadmap showing you how you can transition some or all of your BizTalk workloads to Azure so that you can get high availability and disaster recovery from Microsoft Azure

The engagement will include meetings with your BizTalk business owners, as well as IT stakeholders.


DAY 1 – BizTalk application analysis and business process discovery

DAY 2 – BizTalk to Azure Migration Workshop working with some existing BizTalk artifacts.


  • BizTalk to ISE capability matching document
  • Migration roadmap and preliminary cost estimates