Logic Apps for B2B EDI X12: 1-Day Workshop


  • Implement low code/no code integrations using Azure Logic Apps and Integration Accounts for business-to-business (B2B) EDI X12 standards based eCommerce. *

We will provide training and demonstrate how you can implement a low code/no code B2B EDI solution using Azure using Logic Apps and Azure iPaaS (integration platform as a service). The workshop will include training on how to automate processing of EDI 810 (invoices), 850 (orders) and how to automatically send 997 (acknowledgements). We will also cover AS2 standards for secure communications and how to connect to on-premise databases, cloud applications, SaaS or APIs using some of the 400+ connectors (e.g. SFTP, FTP, HTTP, Dynamics 365, SAP etc.). This workshop is useful for customers (e.g. 3PL providers, Warehouse Managers, Freight Forwarders etc.) that need to:

a) quickly (and at low cost) integrate with other shippers and customers so that can release new revenues. b) do not have dedicated on-premise software or hardware to perform these integrations and are open to using a cloud-based "pay as you go" option. c) do not have coders/developers who can write Java/C# code but do have integration analysts who can be trained to use a no code/low code platform.

We will provide the following deliverables as part of the workshop:

  • Source code samples of Azure logic apps, mapping code etc. that can be run on Azure.
  • Links to additional documentation.