Azure Logic Apps for B2B EDI : 1/2 Day Workshop


In this session, we will explore the capabilities of using Azure Logic Apps, a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft Azure, for B2B EDI integration.


  • Overview of B2B EDI

a. Definition and importance of B2B EDI

b. Benefits and challenges of B2B EDI

  • Introduction to Azure Logic Apps

c. Overview of Azure Logic Apps and its role in B2B integration

d. Key features and advantages of Azure Logic Apps and the Azure Integration Platform

  • Standards for B2B EDI

e. Overview of EDI standards

f. Importance of standards in B2B communication

g. Transaction sets commonly used in B2B EDI

  • Azure Logic Apps and EDI Standards

h. How Azure Logic Apps support EDI standards

i. Integration of EDI schemas and maps in Azure Logic Apps

j. Ensuring compliance and validation using Azure Logic Apps

  • Azure Logic Apps for B2B EDI Workflow

k. Designing B2B EDI workflows using Azure Logic Apps

l. Configuration and setup of Azure Logic Apps for B2B EDI

m. Handling acknowledgments and error handling in Azure Logic Apps


  • Azure Logic Apps in Action

a. Live demonstration of Azure Logic Apps for B2B EDI integration

b. Walkthrough of an end-to-end B2B EDI workflow using Azure Logic Apps

  • Best Practices and Considerations when using Azure including monitoring Azure consumption growth, pricing, and inventory

c. Security and compliance considerations for B2B EDI integration

d. Performance optimization tips for Azure Logic Apps and monitoring exceptions in Azure

e. Monitoring and troubleshooting Azure Logic Apps

  • Case Studies and Success Stories

f. Real-world examples of organizations using Azure Logic Apps for B2B EDI

g. Benefits achieved and lessons learned.

  • Q&A Session

h. Open discussion and answering participants' questions.


By the end of this half-day briefing, you will have a solid understanding of how Azure Logic Apps can be used for B2B EDI integration in accordance with EDI standards. You will gain insights into the benefits, best practices, and considerations involved in implementing Azure Logic Apps for seamless communication and collaboration with your business partners. Azure provides a pay-as-you-go pricing model, so your costs can be monitored based on Azure consumption growth.

  • Note: The agenda and content can be adjusted based on the specific needs and requirements of the audience.*