Chat Bot Implementation: Two-Week Proof-of-Concept


We will build a proof-of-concept (POC) based on a use case that you provide (or we can provide). We will use Microsoft BOT .NET Framework with Cognitive Services and integrate it with your data.

We will spend two weeks implementing a business solution using Microsoft Azure and BOT .NET Framework 4.5 (or higher). We will also using Microsoft Cognitive Services such as text to speech, speech recognition, language understanding (LUIS), QnA makers etc. to make it seem to your customers as if they were interacting with an expert human being. We will integrate the bot with your internal systems (e.g. Microsoft Teams) and databases so that the bot can offer services to your customers like search documents, provide answers to questions etc. We have deployed a bot to production for an insurance industry customer that provides lien holder information and this reduced the need for human operators to answer phone calls, allowing the human operators to help with other parts of their business.


  • Code samples once the POC is completed
  • Links to Microsoft documents that provide additional guidance