Application Modernization: 1-Day Architectural Design Session


To help customers get started with or extended their use of Microsoft Azure to host and build great modern websites and business applications for both internal and external users!

Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best approach for your application modernization needs and help create an actionable plan using Azure capabilities.

Here are some steps that we follow during a 1-day architectural design session for Azure application modernization:

  1. Define the objectives: Explain the benefits of using Azure as their cloud platform. Begin by clarifying the goals and objectives of the application modernization effort. Identify the specific problems or limitations of the current application that need to be addressed, and define the desired outcomes.

  2. Assess the current state: Evaluate the existing application architecture, technologies used, infrastructure, and dependencies. Identify any bottlenecks, scalability issues, security concerns, or performance problems that need to be resolved.

  3. Determine modernization options: Explore various modernization options that align with the organization's goals and technical requirements. This could include rehosting, rearchitecting, refactoring, or rebuilding the application using Azure cloud-native technologies or microservices architecture.

  4. Discuss target architecture: Based on the chosen modernization approach, discuss and design the target architecture. Identify the components of azure services, and technologies that will be involved. Consider factors such as scalability, performance, security, maintainability, and integration with other systems.

  5. Address migration and integration: Define the azure migration strategy from the current state to the target architecture. Identify any data migration requirements, integration points with other applications or systems, and potential challenges or risks associated with the migration process.

  6. Consider non-functional requirements: Discuss and identify non-functional requirements such as security, performance, scalability, availability, and compliance. Determine how these requirements will be addressed in the new architecture and assess any potential trade-offs.

  7. Create an action plan: Develop a high-level action plan that outlines the tasks, timelines, and responsibilities for the modernization effort. Identify any dependencies or prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before starting the implementation phase.

  8. Document the design: Ensure that all design decisions, architectural diagrams, and relevant documentation are captured and shared with the participants. This documentation will serve as a reference for the development team during the implementation phase.

  • If EnkayTech is engaged to implement an App Modernization project, the Bootcamp cost will be applied as credit. *