Migrate and Modernize Legacy IBM Applications using Azure: ½ day Workshop


Unlock efficiency and innovation! Learn to migrate and modernize legacy IBM Apps on Azure in just ½ day. Elevate your business with this insightful briefing.

Migrating and modernizing legacy IBM applications using Azure can be a complex and strategic undertaking. If you're considering this transition, a half-day briefing can be an effective way to kickstart the process. Here's an outline of what a typical half-day briefing on this topic might include:

Session 1: Introduction (1 hour)

  • Welcome and Overview: Introduction to the agenda and objectives of the workshop.
  • Understanding the Challenge: Discuss the challenges and pain points associated with maintaining legacy IBM applications.
  • Benefits of Migration to Azure: Highlight the advantages of migrating to Azure, including cost savings, scalability, and modernization opportunities.
  • Azure Services for Mainframe Migration: Overview of the Azure services and tools available for Mainframe migration and modernization.

Session 2: Planning and Strategy (1 hour)

  • Assessment and Planning: Discuss the importance of assessing your current Mainframe environment and developing a migration plan.
  • Choosing the Right Migration Approach: Explore different migration approaches, such as rehosting, refactoring, or rearchitecting, and how to select the best one for your organization.
  • Cost Estimation: Introduction to tools and techniques for estimating the cost of migration and operating in Azure.

Session 3: Case Studies and Best Practices (1 hour)

  • Real-world Case Studies: Share success stories of organizations that have successfully migrated and modernized their Mainframe applications on Azure.
  • Best Practices: Provide insights into best practices for a successful migration, including risk mitigation and avoiding common pitfalls.

Session 4: Q&A and Next Steps (30 minutes)

  • Question and Answer Session: Address any questions and concerns from the attendees.
  • Next Steps and Resources: Discuss the resources, support, and services available for organizations embarking on Mainframe migration using Azure.

Wrap-up (30 minutes)

  • Closing Remarks: Summarize key takeaways and encourage attendees to start planning their migration.
  • Networking: Provide an opportunity for attendees to network with the presenters and fellow participants.

Please note that this is a general outline, and the specific content and duration of each session can vary depending on the audience, their prior knowledge, and the depth of information you want to cover. It's also essential to have experienced speakers who can provide valuable insights and answer technical questions during the briefing.

  • If Enkaytech is engaged to implement an app modernization project, the workshop cost will be applied as credit. *