Modernization of legacy or creation of new cloud-native applications, data, and infrastructure using Azure: 1 day assessment


To help customers get started with or extend their use of Microsoft Azure to host and build great modern business applications, data, or infrastructure for both internal and external users!

It's possible that you've already made substantial investments in applications, data, and infrastructure. Many of these resources will likely remain in use for years to come. Nevertheless, the need to transition existing applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud, update them, or develop new cloud-native applications has become a crucial aspect of achieving business success, enhancing agility, and driving digital innovation. This is particularly important for reducing costs and enhancing security, while also improving operational efficiency and user experiences. Furthermore, leveraging the cloud to create new AI-powered intelligent applications and collaborative tools can set your business apart from competitors. As we speak, Enkaytech as a team excels in such a spectrum of transformative capabilities and services tailored to drive your organization's modernization journey. With us, you can now:

  • Enhance SharePoint Apps: Boost your organization's productivity and collaboration by upgrading your SharePoint applications.

  • Transition Legacy IBM Mainframe Apps: Seamlessly shift from outdated IBM mainframe applications to contemporary, agile solutions with our proven track record.

  • Optimize Your Data Management: Stay at the forefront of data management with our expertise.

  • Fortify Your Security Framework: Safeguard your organization with cutting-edge security systems. Our successful security implementations at various customers underscore our dedication to protecting your digital assets.

  • Azure Migration Excellence for Infrastructure: Unleash the potential of modern infrastructure through Azure migration. Let us lead you through the migration process and highlight the numerous benefits it offers.

Our 1-day assessment for modernizing legacy applications, data, and infrastructure using Azure is a concise but crucial step in your digital transformation journey. Here's an outline of what you can expect during such an assessment:

Introduction and Discovery (1-2 hours)

  • Kick-off meeting: Gather stakeholders, including IT teams, business leaders, and Azure experts.

  • Understand your business goals: Discuss what you want to achieve with modernization.

  • Current state assessment: Review existing applications, data, and infrastructure.

Assessment (1-2 hours)

  • Identify legacy systems: Document all legacy applications, databases, and infrastructure.

  • Prioritize systems: Determine which systems are critical, which need immediate attention, and which can be modernized in phases.

Azure Alignment (1-2 hours)

  • Azure services overview: Discuss the Azure services and solutions that can address your specific needs.

  • Azure migration and modernization strategies: Explore various migration options, such as Lift and Shift, Rehost, Rearchitect, or Rebuild.

  • Data considerations: Analyze data migration and management requirements.

Cost Analysis (1 hour)

  • Estimate the potential cost savings and benefits of migrating to Azure.

  • Discuss Azure pricing models and cost management tools.

Security and Compliance Review (1 hour)

  • Evaluate the security and compliance implications of migrating to Azure.

  • Discuss Azure's security features and compliance certifications.

Recommendations and Roadmap (1 hour)

  • Provide high-level recommendations for the modernization approach.

  • Outline a roadmap with key milestones and timelines.

Q&A and Next Steps (1 hour)

  • Answer any questions from stakeholders.

  • Discuss the next steps for moving forward with the modernization project.

  • Report and Documentation:

  • Prepare a concise report summarizing the assessment, findings, recommendations, and roadmap.

  • Share the report with all stakeholders.

It's important to note that this is a high-level overview of what a 1-day assessment might look like. The specific details and discussions will vary depending on the complexity of your legacy systems and your organization's goals. After the assessment, you can use the findings and recommendations to make informed decisions about the next steps in your modernization journey using Azure.

  • If Enkaytech is engaged to implement an App Modernization project, the assessment cost will be applied as credit. *