BizTalk 2020 or Logic Apps (1-Day) Assessment


We will provide guidance on whether to use BizTalk 2020 on Azure, migrate your existing BizTalk implementation to Azure Logic Apps, or implement your solution using Azure Logic Apps.

By using either BizTalk Server 2020 on Azure or Logic Apps on Azure, you can quickly build integration solutions that are highly available and that scale. These technologies can help you automate your business process, connect different systems or applications, connect to databases, web services, SaaS services, cloud services or to IoT devices. We will review each of these technologies and your current requirements and provide guidance. Both BizTalk and Logic Apps comes with hundreds of connectors that allow you to rapidly implement standards based solutions (e.g. HL7, HIPAA, ACORD, RosettaNET, SWIFT, ANSI X12 EDI, AS2, EDIFACT etc.). We will also explain hybrid integration, Azure API Management, Service Bus, Event Grid, Azure Data Factory and other products that are part of Microsoft's Azure Integration Services stack to help implement application integration or data integration.

  • Source code samples of BizTalk 2020 and Logic Apps.
  • Links to additional documentation.