Insights & Discovery Accelerator: 1-Hr Assessment

Enlighten Designs Ltd

This offer provides consulting services on how to implement Microsoft IDA into your Azure tenancy and activate Azure services such as Azure Search and Video Indexer.

Insights and Discovery Accelerator (IDA) is an application leveraging Microsoft Azure Search and Microsoft Video Indexer, developed to help you find the facts in a sea of information by unlocking insights and discovering intelligent connections in your unstructured data.

Developed with the Microsoft News team, IDA provides an AI ingestion pipeline that leverages the power of Azure Cognitive Search, object vision, and OCR to analyze page layouts and extract text, images, and key entities for indexing.

IDA intelligently links those entities, giving you a powerful knowledge mining tool that helps find specific content quickly.


  • How IDA can help your organisation intelligently fish stories out of a sea of information
  • Is IDA the right fit for your company right now?


Quote for implementing IDA