Azure App Development: 7-Day Assessment


Our 7-Day Azure App Development Assessment provides a concise, high-level assessment of your custom software idea's potential to be built on Azure.

We assist potential customers in understanding their business needs, refining their product ideas, and creating a full project plan, including scope, roadmap, deliverables, QA plan, team structure, budget, and risk assessment. Furthermore, we evaluate the potential of using Microsoft Azure as the cloud platform for their custom software project.

In today's dynamic tech landscape, choosing the right platform for your custom software development is crucial. Microsoft Azure offers a powerful ecosystem of cloud services and tools for building, deploying, and managing applications efficiently. Our Discovery Session is tailored to quickly assess the suitability of Azure for your unique project.

Day 1: Kick-off and Business Needs (1 Day)

  • Introduction (2 hours): Project overview, goal setting, and alignment.
  • Business Needs Assessment (6 hours): In-depth discussions with stakeholders to uncover business goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Day 2: Product Idea and Azure Suitability (1 Day)

  • Product Idea Refinement (6 hours): Collaborative sessions to refine the product idea, considering functionality, user experience, and innovation.
  • Azure Suitability Evaluation (2 hours): Initial assessment of Azure's potential alignment with the project.

Day 3: Project Plan and Architecture (1 Day)

  • Project Planning (4 hours): Definition of scope, deliverables, milestones, and project team structure.
  • High-Level Architecture Proposal (4 hours): Development of a high-level architecture and design plan for the Azure-based custom software.

Day 4: Budget and Risk Assessment (1 Day)

  • Budget Analysis (4 hours): Comprehensive cost estimation, including licensing, infrastructure, and operational expenses.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies (4 hours): Identifying potential risks and outlining mitigation approaches.

Day 5: Roadmap and Team Structure (1 Day)

  • Roadmap Development (4 hours): Creation of a project roadmap with timelines, phases, and dependencies.
  • Team Structure Proposal (4 hours): Suggestions for the project team's composition and roles.

Day 6: Quality Assurance Plan and Documentation (1 Day)

  • Quality Assurance Plan (4 hours): Defining testing strategies, methodologies, and criteria for ensuring software reliability and performance.
  • Documentation (4 hours): Presentation of findings, recommendations, project plan, budget, and risk assessment.

Day 7: Presentation and Output Delivery (1 Day)

  • Presentation (2 hours): Sharing the assessment results, including Azure suitability and project plan.
  • Delivery of Comprehensive Documentation (6 hours): Providing a consolidated assessment report, project plan, roadmap, budget, and risk assessment.


At the conclusion of the 7-Day Azure App Development Assessment, customers will receive:

  • A comprehensive assessment report summarizing findings, recommendations, Azure suitability, and project details.
  • A detailed project plan encompassing scope, roadmap, deliverables, QA plan, team structure, budget, and risk assessment.

This service equips potential customers with the knowledge and strategy needed to make informed decisions about their custom software project and Azure as their cloud platform.