Modern Data Platform - 10 Day Assessment


Ensono can support you in becoming a Data Driven Organisation. as we have developed an approach that’s allows us to address the three main areas where we see our customers need help.

Lots of our customers are facing more & more pressure from their executive leadership to become more responsive to changing market dynamics & for their organisations to become driven from valuable insights extracted from one of their largest untapped business assets-their data. At Ensono we recognise the needs to become data driven but we also recognise some of the barriers organisations face in achieving this. We have developed an approach that allows us to address the three main areas where we see our customers need help-Complexity, Skills & Security. The Ensono journey starts by recognising four discrete stages that allow our customers to overcome the challenges of complexity as they start moving towards a data driven organisation. We create a culture of bringing new ideas to the table in order to define the overall vision & strategy of becoming data driven that can ultimately be turned into a business or TCO assessment & scope for a proof of value platform execution. This foundational platform is crafted from Azure services that drive the required business outcomes & bring agility, consumption based pricing & speed to market within the customers grasp in order to drive innovation. We call this our Elevate Phase, this is core to helping us understand what our customers are hoping to achieve. Subsequent phases entitled Activate, Innovate & Operate will build upon the Elevate phase in building a platform within Azure that take disparate data from across the organisation and make it available to a wide range of Cloud based technology such as Advanced Analytics & ML that will unlock valuable insights from the data & allow it to be consumed as valuable information. Moving data to the cloud can also be a minefield in terms of Information Governance, Ensono in partnership with Microsoft & the Azure portfolio of services have a clear set of skills & services to help ensure that the relevant security controls & governance is in place during the lifecycle of the engagement