Mainframe Modernization Assessment - 3 weeks +


Our assessment delivers a predictable migration strategy and cost and highly automated migration path for your application migration to the Azure cloud.

We have 50+ years’ experience in Mainframe, providing services to approximately 100 mainframe clients today, and 10 + years’ Azure expertise providing professional migration and managed services at scale to clients across all industries around the world. Our consultants perform a holistic assessment of whichever mainframe topology and technologies you are using today and deliver a detailed plan, migration path and business case inputs. For a fixed fee, our assessment and analysis deliver insight on the optimum technical and commercial migration approach for your business applications, datasets, target language and database preferences. Our assessment and expert guidance enable you to select the optimal path - whether Automated Refactoring, Mainframe Emulation on Azure, Augmentation, or Cloud Native Application Engineering. We provide you with an actionable migration strategy that delivers a predictable approach and cost to achieve successful migration to the Azure cloud.

Assessment Deliverables: • Discovery, analysis and documentation of in-scope application components • Application component dependencies identified, quantified and categorized • Identification of unused code, duplicate and other components that can be excluded from migration scope and cost • Validate effort required to modernize and migrate the application(s) • Proposed migration path, resolution of gaps and non-mainframe alternatives • Finalized proposal for project to deliver the conversion and migration to Azure Price will vary depending on in-scope applications, size and complexity of your mainframe environment.