Mainframe and Azure Data & AI Assessment : Make More of Your Data​ - 2 weeks


Our Mainframe Data Assessment extracts maximum value from your mainframe data through ​Azure-powered integration and transformation.​

Ensono is a relentless ally dedicated to helping organizations evolve and innovate their business for ongoing success. From mainframe to cloud, we work with you to make better happen—faster.

What to expect

Week 1

During the first week, our highly focused workshops will delve into your business goals, processes, and use cases, as well as your existing technical and data landscape. This in-depth exploration may include the following workshops: • Design goals and business strategy workshop • Use case identification and selection • Data engineering workshop • Architectural review • Business process mapping

Week 2

In the second week, we will document the insights gathered from the week 1 workshops and initiate the development of recommendations. Working closely with your key stakeholders, we will iterate upon these recommendations and outputs, incorporating continuous feedback.


The deliverables from this assessment will be tailored to your organization’s goals and the scope of the data assessment. Typically, they include: • Value map showcasing the potential benefits • Actionable data strategy, incorporating AI recommendations • Use case prioritization • High-level technical recommendations • Adoption roadmap, providing a clear path forward • Statement of work for discovery and design engagement • Identified business risks • High-level implementation estimates • Proof of Concept (POC) to validate the proposed solutions

Ensono's expertise ranges from designing and implementing enterprise data platforms to extracting value from unstructured sources. Let us guide you on the journey and define the roadmap to harness the full power of your data. Together, we'll revolutionize the way you do business.

Deliverables post assessment. • Gain a comprehensive overview of the engagement scope, highlighting how we address your unique business objectives. Our report includes Ensono's recommendations based on our analysis and the outcomes of our engagement. • Current State Assessment • Mainframe Data Modernization and AI Strategy actionable recommendations to uplift your data platform and reporting capabilities. We provide recommended practices and toolsets based on our current state assessment, leveraging Microsoft products and services. • Consider various paths for up-skilling your business users and platform stakeholders, empowering them to effectively leverage your data strategy. • Mainframe Modernization Adoption Roadmap and Indicative Timeline • Gain a tailored set of actionable next steps and timelines designed to transition your business to the future state. Our roadmap includes execution guidance, Azure cost consumption estimates, and a phased deployment schedule. • Statement of Work (SOW) : Discover Ensono's proposed SOW for the next phase, whether it's a Proof of Concept or the implementation of your first use case. We are ready to support your journey forward. • Azure cost consumption estimates: Access phased cost estimates aligned with the proposed deployment schedule, ensuring transparency and budget predictability.