SAP on Azure for Quick Start Assessment


Ensono SAP on Azure Quick Start - This assessment can show how your SAP environment could look on Azure.

Consider Moving SAP to Azure: With the growing number of cloud native applications now connecting into SAP, and the perennial question of whether to move to S/4 HANA, many enterprises are asking whether SAP on Azure is now a viable option.

See if its viable with Ensono: As an Azure Expert MSP and Microsoft Gold Partner, and SAP certified provider, Ensono’s light-touch, no obligation assessment gives you the answers you need in as little as two weeks.

How Quick Start works:

  1. Client Input: Using a highly structured questionnaire to keep client activity to a realistic minimum.
  2. Analysis: Responses inform a very short Q&A workshop session to drill down to uncover additional detail.
  3. Design: We create a design for your Azure Landing Zone, and for SAP on Azure. The design will include DR and business continuity models.
  4. Deliver: An assessment of the ‘art-of-the possible’ strategy including technical, operational, business case and roadmap analysis delivered as a single ‘Strategy on a Page’.

Customer Deliverables: • A high level description of your SAP on Azure technicaland operational solution • A high level design of your SAP environment on Azure • A report detailing the operational changes required to operate SAP on Azure • A business case to determine the tangible benefits of moving your SAP to Azure • A roadmap to achieve the required changes and realise the Business Case benefits