Azure Data Advisory: 4 week Assessment


Make sense of the technology choices available on Azure's Data Platform. Receive tailored and contextual advice on the right tools and technologies to transform into a data-driven business.

The Azure data platform presents a variety of technologies and tools on which to combine and leverage your data for meaningful purposes. With years of experience designing and delivering diverse cloud and hybrid data eco-systems on Azure, and our close relationship with Microsoft, Entelect is well positioned to collaborate with organisations moving into the cloud.

Making sense of your data landscape and how to ingest data from a variety of sources in different structures, storage considerations, processing requirements and enrichment with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is challenging without deep experience within the Azure framework.

Entelect will set in motion key steps in helping clients on the journey to truly embrace a data-driven business. Whether migrating, building or exploring Azure as a data platform for your business, Entelect will help you navigate the choice of services and tooling available during our 4-week assessment.

Full end-to-end advisory services over a fixed 4-week period include:

Week 1

  • Assess existing data landscape and enterprise data architecture
  • Technology skills and preferences review
  • Strategic context gathering and business context
  • Azure data platform tooling demonstrations and explanations

Week 2

  • Analytics maturity assessments
  • To-be data mapping
  • High value use-case identification
  • Data delivery process

Week 3

  • Azure data tooling understanding and setup
  • Rapid prototyping or proof of concept
  • Interactive demonstrations

Week 4

  • Summary and reporting
  • Review and present
  • Advanced analytics roadmap

Together with Entelect’s broad experience across multiple industries and technology services, and supported by Microsoft Cloud Data Architects and product specialists, we will tailor options and solutions to your environment and systems to suit your business ambitions.