Chat with Your Unstructured Data: Accelerate Your AI Journey with Azure OpenAI : 4 Week Feasibility Study


Entelect helps organisations leverage Azure's data & AI technologies for growth & innovation. With a 4-week assessment to adopt Generative AI & ensure long-term success beyond the proof of concept.

In today's dynamic landscape, the remarkable advancements and substantial investments in Generative AI, especially in Large Language Models (LLMs), have thrust organizations into a realm of new possibilities. These transformative technologies have ignited a profound curiosity within businesses, prompting them to embark on an AI journey with a sense of both excitement and uncertainty.

Azure's extensive range of data and AI technologies offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses to unlock the full potential of their data. By combining these advanced tools, organizations can efficiently extract valuable insights from unstructured data, improve accessibility, and generate new information to drive growth and innovation.

Leveraging our deep expertise in Azure and strong partnership with Microsoft, Entelect is uniquely positioned to guide organizations in adopting these cutting-edge technologies and embracing cloud solutions. As a full-service technology provider, we offer efficient setup of client environments while prioritizing data governance and security, enabling organizations to rapidly explore and leverage valuable use cases.

We offer a structured 4-week assessment to accelerate your journey in applying Generative AI:

  • Week 1
    • A high-level assessment of data landscape and strategy with a focus on AI
    • Review technology skills and preferences
    • Gather strategic and business context
    • Demo Azure AI services and Generative AI models
    • Conduct interactive feedback sessions
  • Week 2
    • Map Proof of Concept (POC) Architecture
    • Workshop and identify high-value use cases
    • Review Proof of Concept delivery processes
    • Begin Proof of Concept
    • Conduct interactive feedback sessions
  • Week 3
    • Refine Proof of Concept
    • Conduct interactive demonstrations
  • Week 4
    • Refine Proof of Concept
    • Conduct interactive demonstrations
    • Handover prototype
    • Present Generative AI roadmap

Our approach follows the advice of expertise across industries and gained support from Microsoft Cloud Data Architects and product specialists. We tailor our solutions to your needs, setting the stage for long-term success beyond the initial POC.