e360 JustStart for VMware Apps on Demand: 10 apps in 20 days


Start your Application Life Cycle Management journey for your Native AVD, VMware or Citrix deployment in Azure

Application delivery just became simpler, cheaper, faster all with reduced risk and allowing your organization to bridge hybrid cloud image management.

This engagement is typically completed within 4-weeks. However, the actual time and cost will vary depending on your organizational requirements. Microsoft and VMware may also fund a percentage of the program costs.

Just imagine if your organization's apps can be delivered, tested, and if need be rolled back without reboots, restarts, or expensive IT resources.

In this engagement, e360 will address the following challenges with your VDI image and application management (whether it be VMware Horizon on Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) or Citrix Cloud on Azure):
  • Difficulty in managing apps and images for hybrid cloud VDI deployments (or even purely on-premises VDI deployments)
  • Difficult to manage and update unique images with unique versions of applications and settings
  • Time-consuming to update user images or golden images whenever an application or OS needs an update
  • Users self-maintain applications making it difficult to standardize on the latest, tested, and secure version

The goal of this engagement will be to help your organization capture and deliver up to 10 apps in 20 days leveraging VMware Apps on Demand with the following agenda:

Week 1

  • Design Workshops
  • Review existing VDI deployment (while VMware Apps on Demand can work with on-premises workloads also, funding may require workloads on Azure)
  • Review existing Success Criteria and requirements
  • Review application list for 10 apps and current deployment methods
  • Start the VMware Apps on Demand trial and deployment

Weeks 2-3

  • App Capture for up to 10 applications from existing Intune/SCCM (powered by Rimo3) or file share (.exe, .msix, or VMware App Volumes)
  • Integrate up to 10 applications with VMware Apps on Demand
  • Testing and validation in isolated non-production image

Week 4

  • Complete Proof of Concept
  • Verify any funding documents are completed
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Identify the next steps for your organization such as the production deployment, additional applications to be captured/deployed, or license procurement
  • Project Closeout

This engagement is delivered remotely.

This engagement requires an existing VDI deployment (sandbox is recommended) in Azure for this estimate.