DevOps Maturity: 3-Week Assessment


EPAM's DevOps Assessment Framework uses a combination of various industry best practices and models to understand current state, business objectives and future state.

Modern applications require new feature releases on a regular basis, businesses are looking to automate testing by deploying a DevOps-enabled (CI/CD) pipeline that saves time, ensures security and reduces risk.

EPAM’s DevOps Assessment Framework leverages industry best practices to perform a detailed analysis of existing development, testing, and release life cycles. The end result is a set of prioritized recommendations that creates robust and efficient DevOps roadmaps while reducing the burden of technical debt.

The Azure DevOps Assessment will take 3 weeks and is comprised of three phases: • Weeks 1: Assessment Phase, focused on obtaining holistic information regarding the current state • Weeks 2: Recommendations Design based on the Assessment Phase findings • Weeks 3: Implementation Strategy and Roadmap Design, including long term and short term improvements and quick wins

EPAM’s DevOps Assessment helps clients shorten development life cycles and provide continuous delivery without compromising quality. Contact us today to learn more.