EPAM OpenAI: 4-week POC

EPAM Systems

The Simple POC offering from Azure OpenAI enables exploration of capabilities, showcases potential use cases, and prepares for production implementation.

EPAM’s Simple POC offering from Azure OpenAI is designed to address use cases that involve limited context, a single data source, and are well-suited for the transformer architecture. It provides a Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate the capabilities of Azure OpenAI for a selected use case, along with basic 'MLOps' infrastructure and a user interface (UI) to support the demonstration.

The Simple POC offering includes the following components:

  1. POC Demonstration: Azure OpenAI will showcase its capabilities by implementing the selected use case. This will serve as a proof of concept, highlighting the potential of Azure OpenAI technologies.
  2. Basic 'MLOps' Infrastructure: Azure OpenAI will provide the necessary infrastructure to support the POC, enabling seamless integration and deployment. This infrastructure will assist in managing the machine learning operations associated with the selected use case.
  3. User Interface (UI) Support: A user-friendly UI will be provided to facilitate the demonstration of the selected use case. The UI will enhance the user experience and make it easier to interact with the POC.

Additionally, Azure OpenAI will provide guidance on the next steps required to move from the POC stage to production with the selected use case. This includes recommendations and strategies to scale and operationalize the solution effectively.