ePlus Azure Assessment


The ePlus Azure Assessment provides customers a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to understand their current Azure security and configuration posture measured against best practices.

Understanding where you are at in your cloud journey can be a daunting task. The ePlus Azure Assessment was created to simplify that process for you. Designed around the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework it consists of an internally-developed toolset of over 200 best practice checks coupled with ePlus expert consulting to provide customers a real-world view of their current Azure security and configuration posture. The assessment can run across one or more Azure subscriptions, enabling customers to see how their environment stacks up against Azure best practices. Issues are displayed in the assessment deliverable with Severity A, Severity B, and Severity C status providing detailed information on the Azure resources in question.

Customers will receive a customized deliverable consisting of an Excel spreadsheet listing all output findings along with a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the most critical findings and ePlus recommendations on remediation.

Assessments are priced at a cost of $1,000 per 5 subscriptions. Assessment duration including runtime, deliverable creation, and review session is typically 5 business days total but larger environments may extend the timeline.

ePlus will require Azure "Reader" role to all subscriptions in scope. The execution of the tooling will be run remotely by ePlus after which all permissions will be removed by the customer.

Customers must attend a 60-minute briefing to review the output live with one of our Azure Architects and will receive the deliverables following the meeting. This assessment is best suited for customers with at least $30,000 of Azure spend across all subscriptions.