Azure Application Modernization_12 Week Assessment


To define a baseline understanding of the Azure Cloud target application technology, data, & workflow, and develop a roadmap for the implementation of the future state. cloud-enabled solution.

Technical and business leaders who are seeking a partner to augment expertise to assist to define a modern Microsoft Azure Cloud enabled software/data architecture for an aging application. The priorities are to:

• Define Microsoft, Azure Cloud application solution • Establish a next generation data architecture supporting data requirements • Retire outdated, obsolete, and problematic application/code

EQengineered will conduct architecture & code investigations of current customer system & the underlying database/interactions. The research will be boxed to a specific app and data workflow in order to ensure coverage of the scope of the specific system and to ensure a systems-level picture is developed for an Azure Cloud enabled future state.

Specific areas will be identified during Sprint 1, but high-level areas of investigation will likely include the following (at a minimum):

• App code, systems, database, and the interactions between entities • The complete picture created by the combination of the systems • The modernized application systems and their relationships and interactions both to each other and to the legacy portions of the system • The shared data interactions of the various parts of the system to determine the resistance of the system to schema changes, as well as the opportunities for modernization to take advantage of clear API and messaging boundaries

At the end of each sprint, developed documentation will be provided to customer's technical staff to review, provide observations, and share omissions which will be incorporated in subsequent iterations of the evolving deliverables. Efforts will also be made to identify useful ways in which the documentation can be made easily accessible and referenceable by customer’s developers. This transparency of documentation will enable real-time value for developers, allow for reference, and combine with other materials to be maintained and evolved as a matter of practice.