ExpressRoute Connectivity Advisory 2 Day Workshop


Help companies develop an optimized, scalable and cost effective private cloud connectivity strategy. Provide highly customized recommendations that empower optimal network and ExpressRoute decisions.

This workshop empowers customers to implement a Microsoft ExpressRoute connectivity strategy tailored for their specific needs, and is a fast-track path to optimized Azure consumption. The strategy that is created ensures that mission-critical applications and services are closest to the customer's users to optimize connectivity and boost performance-all with private connectivity to Azure.

**Key Objectives: * Provide a clear understanding of ExpressRoute best practices * Outline the best ExpressRoute architecture and connectivity options available to reduce complexity and cost while improving performance * Provide insight and guidance on contingent areas like security best practices, governance, business on-boarding and more * Define next steps to execute the ExpressRoute strategy * Assist with developing an optimized, scalable and cost-effective ExpressRoute and cloud connectivity strategy * Provide highly-customized recommendations, network architecture design and implementation roadmap for Azure connectivity

Day 1: Network Discovery: Current State Understanding your existing environment, challenges, drivers, and objectives. Outcome: Clear understanding of current state and challenges to enable future-state planning.

Day 2: Network Planning: Future State Start planning for future network architecture, connectivity, and requirements. Outcome: Planning and consensus building around best options and optimal end-state.

*Deliverables: Presentation of detailed deliverables and recommendations. *Outcome: Detailed deliverables and recommended next steps are clear, concise and aligned with workshop objectives.

Funded Workshops available for qualified customers