App Modernization Deepdive Workshop

ERGON Datenprojekte GmbH

Deepdive into your application and possibilties of Azure to modernize your application in the best possible way for IT and business

We offer a 3 day workshop together with a technichal and a business architect to understand your needs, issues and goals regarding your application (landscape) and its possible modernization based on Azure. For this we take a deep dive at your current application and landscape as well as your business needs. Day one After a quick personal introduction we analyze with you the current situation of your application(s) and landscape in detail. For this we need your business to be present to tell us about their issues and 'hopes'. We will give you examples on how we have used Azure to modernize applications, making them better in general and more user-friendly, cost-effective and process-supporting in detail. In a next steps we dive deep into what the business and/or the it-department needs/targets in order to understand the overall goals and wether we simply do a technical modernization . Day two We will start to outline a possible future setup and will discuss this with you in order to understand you better. We do some deep-dives into the business and/or the it-department needs/targets in order to understand the overall goals and what where painpoints are regarding the current application. With this we will try to see we could make the application more efficient for the users, e.g. by using interfaces to connect with suppliers, clients or employees directly or by using azure-based technologies to scale you application better and more cost effective. Day three We will outline a possibilites technical setup and discuss/complete this with you. We asses how Azure can be used to modernize your applications and also discuss the pros and cons of alternatives. This will also take into account how azure might fight to your current landscape. Result As the final result we provide you a potential future architecture for your application and draft a roadmap on how this can be implemented based on your needs. All our workshops findings etc. will be documented and handed over to you. Our aim is that you can now detail the requirements (i.e. as user stories) and get ready to start developing a new solutions. We will assess if and how azure (and cloud in general) can be used to modernize your application.

(Often this comes after our free app modernization assessment has been completed)

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