DC Modernization: 2-Weeks Implementation

ESTE Bilisim

Migrate On-premises Windows & SQL Servers to Microsoft Azure

The goal of this service is to either partially or completely migrate the on-premises server infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. With this service on-premises IT infrastructure is assessed in depth, requirements for migrating to Azure is clearly defined and then the environment is migrated. This process needs complete understanding and technical in-depth knowledge and experience in Systems, network, and licensing requirements. With the help of Este Consultant Team, all your environment is assessed before any changes are done. Detailed documentation in all phases is shared with our customers. Pricing and total cost of ownership comparisons are done with a 3- or 5-year projection making it a lot easier for our customers to decide for the correct solutions. The topics below are covered with this service: • Current IT infrastructure is assessed in depth, • Both the physical and the virtual environment is checked to see if there are any blockers for migration • Total data size and computing power is calculated. • Current Network infrastructure is checked, limits, throughputs and requirements are determined for the migration • Licenses are checked and requirements are determined for migration • Backup and disaster scenarios are discussed and implemented • Migration phases are planned and scheduled • Azure environment is assessed • Subscription and permission requirements are completed • Network infrastructure is prepared • Data stores and computing environment is created • Migrations are performed • Backup and disaster checks are completed • The process is documented After all the steps are completed, customers may or may not choose to get support for this infrastructure. The support options are discussed but not included in the scope of this service


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