Eviden Microsoft Generative AI Free Think Starter Workshop - Transform Your Business with the Creative Power of AI

Eviden International France - SAS

Join our 3-hour free Think-Starter workshop to understand Microsoft's Generative AI's features & capabilities. You will gain insights on how it can benefit your business!

As per Gartner, by 2025, Generative AI would generate 10% of new data.

Similarly, as per Forbes, Generative AI can generate business worth $ 109 billion by 2030.

Generative AI is the fastest growing technology we have ever seen.

Eviden can help you harness its benefits.

Join our 3-hours, Free Think-Starter workshop designed to introduce you to Microsoft Generative AI - the cutting-edge technology in the industry. Our expert presenters will take you on a journey through the technology, its features, and its capabilities, providing a deep understanding of how it can benefit your business. The workshop will be interactive and is designed to generate interest, ensuring that you are fully engaged throughout. By the end of the session, you will be equipped with the knowledge around Microsoft Generative AI, its evolution, top use cases and overview of Copilots. You will also interact with our team and ask questions, allowing for a deeper exploration of the technology and its potential impact on your business. Dont miss this opportunity to discover the latest technology and how it can transform your business.

As part of workshop, Eviden will showcase features of Azure OpenAI and Microsoft Copilots to help you understand their benefits.

Outcomes: Clarity on Microsoft Generative AI technology and its potential use cases for the industrry.

Eviden and Microsoft: 20+ year strategic partnership with specializations across Azure, Business Applications, and Security.