Eviden Azure Rapid Migration 3 Months Assessment

Eviden International France - SAS

Accelerator Services for Migration to Azure Cloud - Eviden has combined our world-class migration toolchain with our Cloud Experts to guide customers across the cloud continuum.

About Eviden Azure Rapid Migration

Cloud Migration is a technological and organizational change that requires careful coordination. Eviden has combined our world-class migration toolchain with our Cloud Experts to guide customers across the cloud continuum. 

Eviden accelerate cloud adoption with a comprehensive methodology that aligns business strategy with a detailed migration plan and orchestrates successful migration execution. We help you realize the value of cloud faster, and more efficiently with insights to optimize and accelerate modernization.

What We Offer

Eviden Rapid Migration offers a fixed cost per server, subject to confirming the eligibility of your migration, minimizing risk, and aligning with your business needs. We automate assessments and migration processes to accelerate through the cloud continuum while maximizing Azure funding and providing workload optimization recommendations. 

Our capabilities include cloud advisory, application transformation, and end-to-end support to help you successfully navigate the cloud continuum at the optimal pace. 

Challenges We Solve

•  Lack of Expertise - Rely on our experts for datacenter migrations, exit strategy, and cloud transitions.

•  Long Migrations - Leverage our purpose-built migration toolchain and proven methodology to accelerate through the cloud continuum. Our automated migrations and streamlined assessment process save you time, reduce costs, and minimize human errors and rollbacks.

•  Business Risk & Cost - We know the tools and processes to deliver safe and efficient migrations, that maximize your budget. Our data-driven insights and highly experienced team brings you peace of mind, while right sizing and optimizing your workloads.

•  Inadequate Security Planning - Establish a strong initial cloud footprint, with modern security and pilot migrations to prove technical and business validity.

Why Rapid Azure Migrations with Eviden? 

Eviden delivers unparalleled End-to-End Cloud Capabilities

•  #1 Worldwide in Managed Security, Gartner 2022.

•  6 Azure Competencies, 7000+ Azure Certifications, 4 Cloud AI/ML Custom Labs around the world.

•  Technology Driven Transformation delivered with compelling IP.

•  Gartner Industry visionary recognition for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services. 

Why there is no better partner for you than EVIDEN on this journey

•  Proven cloud expertise: Eviden brings end2End SAP and Cloud expertise with 13600 SAP experts and 3300+ Microsoft Azure Cloud experts. 

•  Specialist tools, frameworks, and methodologies

•  Recognized leaders in innovation.

•  Focused programs to add greater value: Eviden ‘Extend and Innovate’ program, engineered to elevate the value delivered beyond Azure to Microsoft Cloud, for deeper functionality and capability.

With a rich heritage in legacy infrastructure paired with the transformative and hybrid capabilities of the Azure cloud, Eviden is your one-stop shop for all your application, infrastructure, and cloud needs.