Azure migration consultancy: 5 Day engagement

Example IT Limited

Analysis of current on-premises infrastructure and the provision of an advisory report

An initial workshop to explain the process of migration from on-premises to Microsoft Azure. Explanation of the services that are available with Azure and dependant on the assessment the potential scale of the work envolved and how it will be architected. During the engagement deployment of on-premises tools will be required. This will happen over the first month and the data collected will be of the utilisation of compute and storage (cpu, memory network). This process could potentially utilise tools which exist already in the environment. Example IT will check the data collected providing feedback on the validity of the data and whether more is required. The perform an analysis of the infrastructure and collate a report with recommendations. The reporting will layout to intended ideal migration to Azure with specifications of services used and scaling of VMs. This can contain additional licensing conversation with regards to virtualising some appliances eg firewalls. When finalising this engagement, we will run the representatives through ongoing management for the governance of the estate along with utilisation of blueprints and other compliance tools.