Azure Stack HCI Hybrid Rapid Design 2-day Workshop

Exigo Tech Pty Ltd

Explore how you can operationalise your hybrid cloud seamlessly through education, assessment and development of a high-level estimate and design strategy.

Azure Stack HCI + Azure Arc delivers the best of Azure Azure Stack HCI provides a hybrid solution by enabling organisations to seamlessly integrate their on-premises infrastructure with Azure services. Azure Stack HCI brings together the best of Microsoft Azure and Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) allowing for simplified management, scalability and enhanced data protection, empowering organisations to optimise their infrastructure, streamline operations and bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud environments. Exigo Tech is an acclaimed global technology solutions provider with experience in both hardware infrastructure deployments, connectivity and networking capabilities and cloud deployments. Our services Exigo Tech’s offering encompasses Consulting, Strategy, Design and Procure, Licensing, Assessment, Deployment, Integration, Professional Services and Managed Services. Our Azure Stack HCI Rapid Design 2-Day Workshop is designed to help customers maximize the benefits of their investment and ability to manage their hybrid cloud environment with a solution that combines the flexibility of the cloud together with the control of on-premises infrastructure. Agenda Day 1. • Understanding Azure Stack HCI, the benefits and architecture and components. - Sales and • Plan for deployment by capturing and assessing infrastructure requirements and compatibility, hardware, licensing, network, and storage considerations. • Explore and understand the benefits of each deployment options, selecting the appropriate deployment model for your organisation needs. • Azure Stack HCI Cluster Deployment, validation, troubleshooting and integrating Azure services with the HCI Cluster. Day 2 • Managing your Azure Stack, leveraging Azure Arc for centralised management and hybrid cloud, monitoring, capacity planning, and health of the cluster. • Protecting your data and business resiliency with Azure services. • Scaling and expanding your datacentre and addressing Security and Compliance considerations. Outputs • Develop a high-level estimate and design strategy based on the documented requirements and success criteria.