Cloud Enablement Essentials - 6 Week Assessment

Experis Solutions

Cloud Enablement Essentials (CEE) is a Modern Infrastructure solution that will fast track your journey to Azure and help you understand and embrace technologies that improve business outcomes.

Our proprietary TrueStart assessment process will define a reliable and actionable path to a secure, purpose built, and operational cloud infrastructure based on Azure’s Well Architected (WAF) and Cloud Adoption Frameworks (CAF). CEE applies to companies who are looking to improve their current cloud deployments, invest in data center upgrades, establish a hybrid cloud, or establish new or existing workloads in the cloud.

The Cloud Enablement Essentials Strategy leverages our True Start assessment to provide an and actionable plan to the cloud. Experis will formally document the objectives to deliver a secure and purpose-built cloud. Cloud Enablement will be delivered in four phases:

Phase 1 – Client Workshops and Actionable Plan: Leveraging the True Start framework; engage business stakeholders to assess current cloud state, readiness, and inventory digital assets in scope to evaluate and determine the optimal architecture to host them in the cloud. Document outcome analysis, requirements, and actionable project plan.

Phase 2 - Cloud Architecture and Governance: Develop purpose-built cloud architecture based on the guiding tenants of a well-architected framework; cost optimization, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security. Architecture establishes the groundwork for future capabilities and modernizations.

Phase 3 – Implement Cloud Components: Prepare and build the essential cloud environment based on the accepted architecture.

Phase 4 – Transition and Operationalize: Establish cloud operations with the final review and transition of architecture, documentation and operational activities.

Each client is unique and requirements will vary; final pricing and timeline subject to change.