Expertware Cloud Readiness Assessment


A defined Cloud readiness assessment process to ensure a smooth migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Assessment is the first step to completing an Azure Cloud Migration.
Migrating to the Microsoft Azure cloud is rarely just a simple "lift and shift" process. Different workloads, applications, and processes require different approaches (Move, Refactor, Re-host, Retire, Replace, integrate, etc.). Our Microsoft Azure Cloud readiness assessment process ensures a smooth transition that enables companies to quickly gain the most value from their Microsoft Azure cloud investments.

A Microsoft Azure cloud readiness assessment (CRA) is the first step in preparing your IT infrastructure and workloads for a move to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The CRA aims to understand the business strategy and objectives before reviewing the IT solutions in place in order to create a roadmap to the Microsoft Azure cloud that is aligned to the business strategy, reduces migration costs, and avoids any potential pitfalls often seen in cloud migrations.

Our 8 step assessment process ensures that your Microsoft Azure cloud migration can be executed smoothly and without undue interruption to your business services.

8 Step Assessment process.

  1. Understand the Business goals and objectives.
  2. Application Inventory.
  3. Infrastructure Inventory.
  4. Create dependency maps.
  5. Catalogue Technologies used and their support process.
  6. Transition plan recommendations for each workload.
  7. Assess potential migration Scope.
  8. Final readiness assessment report.

Certified Expertise.
Our certified Azure cloud experts will follow a standardized assessment process that will result in a clear GAP analysis and roadmap to the Azure cloud for each of your distinct workloads and systems. If required Expertware can also assist in migrating to the Azure Cloud or in Optimizing your Microsoft Azure Cloud utilization through its separate Cloud migration and Cloud optimization offerings.