Expleo Ireland Consulting Services

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The goal of our consulting services are to provide the expertise and capabilities required by the customer to either start, progress or excel in their use of Microsoft Azure

Targeted to Enterprise level businesses, our professional services will help customers get started with or extend their use of Microsoft Azure by providing expertise, capabilities, and know-how that they either do not have in-house or need to augment. We will assess, analyze and where required look to implement or leverage on the following. • Utilize Azure's global infrastructure • Implementation of AI and machine learning products and services in Azure • Outline and deliver Azure compute services that help optimize and scale business • Utilization of Azure containers in order to be used to build, deploy, and scale • Explore and introduce Internet of Things (IoT) solutions available in Azure • Recognize how Azure can be used to unify on-premise, hybrid, and cross-cloud infrastructure • Provide an overview of pricing for Azure products and services • Incorporate common Azure tools that can help optimize a business • Identify and implement software development solutions in Azure • Maximise how Azure can protect data, apps, and infrastructure • Identify and realise integration and compatibility benefits of Azure

Our value proposition is focused on helping customers in the following 4 areas.

  • Cost Reduction: eliminate waste, maximum utilization of cheaper environments and licenses
  • Green: driving carbon neutrality and energy efficiency
  • Control: visualisation, measurement and consolidate of all spend and usage
  • Latest Technologies: reap benefits from new technologies in speed, efficiency and improved customer experience

Our complete cloud migration solution includes:

  • Software architecture and code review to understand cost, benefits and technical challenges of cloud migration.
  • IT asset analysis, resource optimisation, risk management, and cloud migration planning.
  • Cloud migration including infrastructure, systems, tooling and software development.
  • Value Stream Mapping: monitoring, controlling, and value improvements of the cloud migration balancing quality, risk, and cost.

License Optimisation to Reduce Cost, Go Green, and Control IT Assets

  • IT Visibility: align Business and IT enabling data-driven decision-making and optimise costs.
  • IT Asset Management: discover and control IT assets and manage risk for regulatory compliance.
  • Cloud Migration Planning & Cost Optimisation: Business and IT insights for migration and control of costs.

We also provide:

  • App Development including application operation and infrastructure management
  • Managed testing services including test environment provision
  • Business analysis and business intelligence (using Dynamics and the Power Platform)