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Azure Consultancy Service

Azure consultancy services in Microsoft Azure, provided by exquitech's certified engineers, help organization migrating to Azure effectively and efficiently, maximizing the benefits of cloud technology for their business and leveraging the below services : 1- Assessment: Consultants perform a comprehensive assessment of an organization's existing infrastructure, applications, and workloads to evaluate their suitability for migration or optimization on the Azure platform. This assessment includes analyzing the current architecture, identifying potential challenges or limitations, and assessing security and compliance requirements. The assessment helps create a roadmap for Azure adoption and highlights areas that need attention or improvement.

2-Planning: Based on the assessment, consultants develop a detailed plan outlining the steps and milestones required for a successful Azure implementation. The plan includes considerations for workload prioritization, resource allocation, data migration, application modernization, and integration with existing systems. Consultants work closely with the organization's stakeholders to align the plan with their business objectives, ensuring that the Azure solution meets their specific requirements. 3-Azure Architecture Design: Consultants can help design and architect Azure-based solutions tailored to specific business requirements, ensuring scalability, security, and cost optimization. 4-Cloud Migration and Strategy: Consultants can assist in planning and executing the migration of on-premises systems or existing cloud infrastructure to Azure. They can help develop a comprehensive cloud strategy aligned with business objectives. 5-Application Development and Modernization: Consultants can provide guidance on developing new applications or modernizing existing ones using Azure services and technologies such as Azure App Service, Azure Functions, containers, or serverless computing. 6-Data Analytics: Consultants can help organizations leverage Azure's data analytics capabilities, such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, or Azure Cognitive Services, to gain valuable insights and build intelligent solutions. 7-Cost Optimization: Consultants can help optimize Azure resource usage, recommend cost-saving measures, and provide insights into Azure pricing models, reserved instances, or Azure Hybrid Benefit.

This service is destined to corporations in various industries looking to migrate at ease and efficiently using the best practices. Based on our previous success in migrating companies in industries such as industrial, architecture, automotive, real estate and media we can implement our knowledge and experience in this field to better orient our client towards the most suitable path for them.

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