Azure Security: 2-Day Assessment

Extrinsica Global

A fast and thorough assessment of your Microsoft Azure service configuration, providing a detailed report including prioritised remediation recommendations based on current security best practice.

Extrinsica Global helps businesses using Microsoft Azure to maintain a strong, current and proven security standard by providing quick and easy insight into their Azure environment without the pain and effort of traditional auditing and reporting.

We work with leading brands to ensure they get the most out of Microsoft cloud services, whilst remaining secure and up-to-date.

Our Microsoft Azure Security Assessment gives businesses a clear and comprehensive insight into their current Azure security posture. Our bespoke tooling means this is done with greater accuracy and in a fraction of the time of traditional security audits.

A personalised report provides categorisation by technology or service type, risk prioritisation and recommended actions and remediations. We then provide guidance to ensure each area is properly understood in the context of business relevant technology needs. This allows you to be confident that you are properly informed about the current state of your key business systems, with a clear account of where your risks are, their severity, and how to address them.

Being far quicker and more detailed than conventional security audits, this saves your team time and helps to identify security drift, optimise deployment process, and provide up-to-date reports that can be easily communicated to your less technical stakeholders.