AI Prompt Engineering 1-Day Workshop


Learn how to use GPT and co on Azure!

AI Prompt Engineering Workshop

Unleash your company‘s data by empowering your employees

In this one-day workshop, we explore opportunities with language models like GPT, LLaMa, Alpacka, Azure OpenAI Service and others. We discuss risks related to data protection, security, and licensing. The main focus is designing effective prompts to solve complex tasks with high-quality results. In the last part we cover developing customized models for enterprise use, considering privacy and licensing aspects.

• Opportunities & Risks of GPT and co
• Solving Problems by nice Prompts
• Beyound Prompt Engineering – my own GPT

Your Benefit:
• Learn how to use GPT and co
• Knowing dos and don‘ts for an enterprise
• Learning effective ways to build proof of concepts in minutes or hours
• Learn how to use it in your corporate having data security and your data as market advantages in mind

Plus VAT, if necessary costs for premises, as well as travel and accommodation costs.  The price includes preparation and follow-up of the workshop. As part of the team (Facilitator & Data Scientist) we guide through the entire process and actively participate.

This service is available in German or English