Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

EY Global

EY helps corporations define and execute integrated Data and AI strategies that establish foundational data engineering, support data quality, enable advanced data science and unlock new insights.

Data & AI Solutions Overview:

  1. Intelligent Forecasting and Scenario Modeling EY’s intelligent forecasting and scenario modeling solution helps businesses achieve greater accuracy, agility and efficiency by enabling capabilities including the automated creation of forecasts leveraging machine learning, scenario planning and assumption analysis through an interactive user interface, and streamlined variance analysis. Through a set of prebuild model development, process enablement and deployment assets EY can help facilitate rapid development and deployment of machine learning models to help organizations predict their trajectory, identify new market opportunities and optimize their performance to achieve differentiation within the market. 

  2. Azure Data Secure Research Enclave The EY Azure Data Secure Enclave solution runs on specially configured Microsoft cloud services and storage optimized for security, helping researchers create ultra-secure environments called enclaves to protect data and provide compute capacity at cloud scale. In addition, the solution also streamlines efficiency and offers them secure access to a wide range of data types, content and analytical tools to enhance their research experience and unlock business value. Secure enclaves provide researchers with a better experience by allowing them and other users to harness the advantages of cloud computing with a platform that’s secured, compliant, easy to manage and offers the tools people want through trusted Microsoft services

  3. Data Mesh and Data Fabric EY’s Data Fabric on Azure enables organizations that have invested in Azure to build their own data fabric to develop use cases and realize value from their data to drive business outcomes. EY uses a repeatable use case focused approach to help organizations align business and data strategy as well as design and implement the data fabric architecture. By leveraging EY’s accelerators including our experience library, repeatable templates and processes and the digital strategy and transformation toolkit EY can help businesses enable self service data, secure data sharing, data science and AI at Scale, scalable and flexible data compute services and enhanced data privacy and governance controls.

  4. Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization The EY Demand Forecasting & Inventory Optimization solution enables businesses with the advanced data tools and processes they need to automate inventory decisions, efficiently implement new strategies and integrate machine learning with existing inventory management systems. This solution uses machine learning and data fabric to forecast demand accurately and find the optimal level of inventory while enhancing customer service. Scenario planning capabilities can be leveraged to test new inventory strategies before deploying them at scale and ensure success, while Azure Databricks provides the power to deploy and scale your solutions on live streams of data across the organization. 

  5. Supply Chain (integrated business planning accelerator) Supply chain optimization using analytics helps organizations across all industries make better, faster, and more informed decisions about their business operations. EY’s supply chain solution builds upon EY’s foundational capabilities leveraging Microsoft Azure Data services for data ingestion and delivery, customizable dashboard templates that operationalize industry standard KPIs and data pipelines and modeling to deploy common data models and support continuous integration. 

6.Virtual Agent Platform The EY Virtual Agent Platform is packaged with pre-built customer care conversations. Each conversation consists of a pre-trained Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) intent classifier, which translates user utterances to actions the user wants to perform, pre-developed dialog flows that can be tailored to meet client-specific needs, or integration points for common enterprise systems including, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The Virtual Agent Platform enables accelerated virtual agent implementation with prebuilt P&U customer care conversations, reduced call cost, increased first-call resolution rate and zero customer wait times ensuring business value and customer satisfaction.